Comes to close, Apsycho moments (For now)

Jessie smiled quietly as they nodded at Mint Bell's suggestions. "CEO of Oracle Limited…that sounds quite nice," they said cheerfully, the phrase bouncing about in their head as they turned the pair of them left at a crossroads.

"And…I'm afraid I'll have to decline the offer for the cyber cafe. I have pre-ordained business to attend to," they said, giving the small girl an apologetic smile as they rounded another corner.

"I…could use your help for that too," they added. "My abilities didn't exactly leave much room after 'seeing fights' for 'preventing fights'," they mumbled, sighing as the same vision snapped to the forefront of their mind for a moment again. "…uhm…you have…5 seconds to decide? Maybe ten," they said, taking a deep breath as they saw the last street corner they needed to turn…

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