Magic Circle - This Soup is Amazing!//Clerics - Hide Me Please

Jupiter woke wth a start, wondering what all the commotion was about. He saw Misty and Nickel at it like usual, with Rosario toting MJOLNIR around on her shoulders.

"Oh. Sorry guys, I must've fallen asleep..." Jupiter yawned, stretching his arms up and over his head. Once his yawn settled, he looked down at the bowl of soup set in front of him with a gentle steam coming off the top. After running his tongue around the inside of his mouth for a few seconds (because everyone hates that sticky feeling in your mouth after you wake up) Jupiter took the spoon in the bowl and got ready to eat. Before he could, however, Misty went into a captivating rant on how Nickel had prepared the soup. Curious, Jupiter took a small spoonful and ate it. And he loved it.

"This is actually extremely good. Well done Nickel." He complimented, and did what all guys do to food they like: He devoured it. It also helped that the Celestial Brush Mage hadn't eaten since they met up with Rosario. So this was a welcome treat.
Aziel was doing his best to see how far he could slump down in his seat to hide.

The fact that his idea was well received was great, and although the praise made him blush like crazy, there was something he had noticed: Two people were heading their way. He could tell by their expressions they were expecting some kind of disaster or fight, so from that, Aziel realized they were probably with the church. And Aziel was here.

"Uh, you guys? For now, let's drop the topic. We've got people heading right toward us and I'm still wondering if they're friendly or not." Aziel said in a soft voice so that only they could head, then set a hand on his dagger, ready to vanish at a moment's notice.

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