Magic Circle - Stealth Team Addition

OOC: I didn't think really have anything planned until now, sorry for the delay ;-; please forgive my neglect of this game.
Jupiter listened along, fine with joining the stealth team since his contact should be able to be just as useful for filling one of the stealth team's spots.

“Y-yes, it’s out behind the counter… You have to dial 9 before you can make an outgoing call… A-and please use Collect Call if you’re dialing long distance—nyaaaaa!”

"Okay! Thanks." Jupiter stood and walked to the back, then picked up the phone and whispered "Sun shining in there?"

After a moment of silence, a faint buzz filled the phone and suddenly, a voice started talking, "Well someone's got the password! About time, I've been waiting for someone to contact me! Day after day of silence. It gets boring you know."

Jupiter smiled, "I'm sure it does."

"May I know who I'm speaking to?" The voice asked, then waited for a response.

"My name is Amaterasu. Well, code name anyways."

"Oh. I know that name." The voice had suddenly gotten solemn, "So, what can I do for you? You in trouble and need someone to bail you out?"

"Not this time. I've got something that might interest you." Jupiter started explaining the plans to attack the Clerics, and the voice went quiet before answering a few seconds later.

"Well I think it's safe to say I'm in. I've got people who can bring me to you in a few minutes, so hang tight. Can't wait to meet you." The line went dead, despite never being active in the first place.

After 2-3 minutes, a boy burst through the door, smiling like he'd just won a huge prize at a carnival.

"Hello everyone! My name is Jamie, and I'll be your technopath for this evening." Jamie said with a dramatic bow, "Nice to make your acquaintance."

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