Lady Libertine and Dynamo - ding, dong

Cassandra had left both Cosmo and her bodyguard at home and taken a taxi to a spot several blocks away from Dynamo's apartment building. It'd been a while since she had last been in a taxi, and their standards hadn't improved since then. Still, it was better than the deathtraps she'd ridden in Guadalajara…

She took a compact out of her second-hand purse and looked at herself in the mirror. Jesus, she thought. I hope some good comes from this, like some verga getting his butt put in jail.

After paying the cabbie, she took off down the street, only to be aware of the stares she was collecting. She knelt down and pretended to tie her shoe, cursing herself. Remembering her friend's direction, she subtracted the sway from her walk, tucked her hands inside the pockets of her hoodie, and kept her head down. Blending in is no fun, she said to herself.

When she got to Dynamo's building, she gazed up at the roof and wondered if it was worthwhile to search for a way to the roof. No, she decided. She took out her phone and dialed.

"K? It's J. Buzz me in, please, darling."

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