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Summary: Chief of Police

Francis Reynolm

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: NYPD


Chief Inspector of the NYPD. Usually good at handling the press.


Chief Inspector

Physical Appearance

Reynolm is a tall, lanky man with beady brown eyes. What remains of his hair is dusty brown, and he's often seen wearing a ratty brown suit.

Personality and interests

Ryenolm is a stern man, having been on the force for most of his life he feels a kinship with many of the officers. He's particularly proud of his blade runner squad, who have been hailed as one of the best in the world.

While not a fan of the press, he's very adept at smooth talking them and can turn even the most negative story into a positive for himself and the precinct.

He's more than likely to bend some of the rules for his fellow officers, though if an officer goes too far or, god forbid, "retires" a human by mistake he will bring the hammer down.


Reynolm grew up in New York, his father was a low level employee for the Tyrell Corporation and his mother was a teacher. His family life wasn't easy. His mother had dreams of travelling off world, his father had no desire to do so. This was a point of contention for them and soon she left Reynolm's father for another man and left them both behind. He's never married subsequently.

He became a cop straight out of college and was on the fast track to becoming one of the force's most decorated officers until he suffered an injury while retiring a replicant. This landed him in a desk for the rest of his career, but he made the best of it and soon became Chief Inspector.

Favourite Sayings

"Skin jobs are fork lifts with feelings. I'll never know why Tyrell thought that was a good idea."

"Get the job done, that's all that matters."

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Image of Francis Reynolm
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