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Summary: CEO of Tyrell's New York Branch

Gabriel Peter Radcliffe

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Group: Tyrell Corporation


CEO of the New York branch of the Tyrell Corporation.



Physical Appearance

Gabriel is a thin, wiry man with medium brown and silver hair who is always seen wearing sharp suits.

Personality and interests

Gabriel is impeccably polite, cultured, and cool tempered. However it seems to mask an immense intellect and general disdain for those he sees as his subordinates. While a charming man in public, many in the Tyrell Corporation have come to fear him.

He is interested in maintaining his tentative grasp on the power he has, and is always looking for ways to gain more. However, his true goals remain a mystery.


Born in Glasgow, Gabriel's childhood is shrouded in mystery. There are records of him attending boarding school in England, but they're sketchy at best. His first "official" appearance was when he attended Oxford. He quickly went into business with a classmate, but he was quick to sell the business to the Tyrell Corporation when they caught wind of its success and offered him a position. What little information on that shows that he left his business partner with nothing.

He then climbed the ranks of the Tyrell Corporation before landing in his current position overseeing the New York branch of the company.

Favourite Sayings

"My interests are the company's interests, I assure you."

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Image of Gabriel Peter Radcliffe
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