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Summary: Rookie Blade Runner With A Hatred of Replicants

Kennedy Davis

Gender: F

Age: 28

Group: Blade Runners


Forensics, Bio-engineering


Blade Runner

Physical Appearance

Kennedy is a tall, slender woman with brown hair and eyes.

Personality and interests

Kennedy is a young and determined blade runner with a deep hatred of all replicants. She studied bio-engineering and forensics just to be a better blade runner, graduating at the top of her class.

She is generally friendly with most of her colleagues and is well-read. Though she tends to hide her intelligence to better get along with her fellow officers.


Kennedy grew up on the off-world colonies, which are far less idyllic as the ads on Earth would have you believe. Her family was killed in a raid by a strike force comprised entirely of replicants. She has hated them ever since.

She was taken in by her grandmother, who lived in New York. There, the went to college, double-majoring in bio-engineering and forensics with the intention of joining the NYPD.

She recently joined the city's blade runner unit, and while she is still a rookie, she is eager to prove herself.

Favourite Sayings

"Only good toaster is a dead toaster."

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Image of Kennedy Davis
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