Image of Niko Volakis (Mutant Name: Xronos)

Summary: Niko committed his life to carry out the mission of justice and liberty, just as his father.

Niko Volakis (Mutant Name: Xronos)

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Non-Registered Mutant


American of Greek Descent

Power (If not Mutant, type None)

Time Bender:

Is able to slow or speed up a moving object (technically increasing or decreasing the time it takes to arrive at its target) by seeing the moving object and concentrating.

By touching something and concentrating, can age or rejuvenate an object

Can go backwards in time (limited to place and knows the consequences to altering the past)


Dark hair and midnight black eyes with an olive complexion.

His mutant costume consists of a black Kevlar suit with a neon green "X" on the chest, forming an hour glass within the "X".


Tends to brood when alone, often thinks about going back in time and saving his parents.

Is often intense and has a hard time lightening up.

Sees himself as a leader.

Purpose and Goals

Is focused on solving his parents' murders (sometimes distracts from current mission).

Desires to continue his father's mission to promote liberty, justice, and equality.


Niko's father was a Representative from California that fought hard for liberty, justice, and equality for all. When politicians began to call for the registration of all mutants, Dimetri Volakis fought against it. This led to his and his wife's murder, which was passed off as a robbery gone bad. The murder was never solved.

Niko was there when his parents were killed. Although he didn't see them shot, he saw the killer (a hired assassin). He was thirteen at the time, but knew it wasn't a robbery. Nothing was taken.

At the age of sixteen, while on the deck of his uncle's cargo ship in the middle of the Devil's Triangle, an object came out of the sea and hovered above the ship. Niko was lifted above the deck and a light (intelligent being) came from the object. The light bestowed powers upon Niko and communicated the consequences of changing the past.

He did however, use his powers to go into the past to amass a great fortune by betting on horse races. Since the early twentieth century, there has been many mobsters attempting to find him. They are either dead now or very old. Niko has profited much from their coffers.

Niko now feels he is able to lead people back to the truth of freedom. He has a mansion above the cliffs over the sea, north of San Diego. Deep within those cliffs is hidden his computerized bunker.

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Image of Niko Volakis (Mutant Name: Xronos)
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