My Turn

Ginger returned Maverick's kiss. "Not at all, my love," she insisted with a smile. As she held on to his kiss, Ginger caressed his cheek.

"My turn in the shower," she added. "It will be so good to feel fresh and clean."

Ginger stood and walked into the bathroom. She always left the door open because she only used hot water; it would be too steamy otherwise. Turning on the hot water, Ginger stripped down, then stepped into the shower.

Mila slightly turned her head so she could kiss Doc. "I enjoy breezy days too," she agreed. "Not too hot; not too old." Mila thought of her words as ironic due to the two whom they were watching.

"I just don't want to see Ginger hurt. I could've killed Maverick last night, but then he did the heroic thing."

Krista and Niko pulled into the circle in front of the hotel. Niko walked into the basement of the dilapidated building. Putting his hand on the cornerstone of the building, he began the renewing process. It would take him some time, but faster than a construction crew.

Krista walked into the room of the staff quarters that would be hers and Reidd's. She looked around, picking out what all it needed, then went shopping.

In California, Petros sold the old Porsche and the Suburban. He returned to the house and picked up Jen. The two of them went to an early dinner, then would take in a show.

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