A New Day

At five in the morning, Niko awoke as usual. He didn't feel like getting up this morning. Yesterday was horrible. Yet, Niko had to keep himself busy. So he arose and went for his run.

Returning from his run, Niko showered, then read. After reading, he sent a text to Reidd, Krista, Ray, and Archie. They had to meet to discuss the coming day.

Ginger awoke in Maverick's arms. She looked around the room at the others. Paige was asleep on the couch. Mila had just rolled over on the floor. Vincent was sleeping next to the couch, as near as he could be to Paige without alarming her. How sweet.

Ginger softly kissed Maverick, trying to wake him. She missed being alone with him. Maybe she could convince him to find a room for the others.

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