Daily Plan

Ginger squeezed Maverick. "Like me, they're attracted to your cool personality," she teased. "What's our plans for today, fearless leader? And oh, by the way, you never did tell me if you found any traps last night." She giggled, knowing Maverick had a few too many. She didn't mind. Mila brought him back safe and sound and she woke up next to him.

Mila heard the others beginning to stir. She had a restless night, often awaking and not feeling anyone next to her. It felt strange, even though she knew Michael fit just a short time. Mila yawned, throwing her arms back over her head in a stretch.

Niko informed his team that he would be busy restoring their future home. While he would be doing that, he wanted them to go to D.C. Seeing that Krista's car wouldn't haul all four of them, Niko flipped the key to his Porsche to Archie. "Take care of her," he insisted. "We need to know what's up with the SS since they attacked all the mutants in Washington. With Maverick here and Ezekiel gone, who's their main powers? Keep a low profile and see what you can find out."

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