"Easy. We give him some food that has the pill in it."

Vincent looked at Paige's expression and sighed.

"Look, I know you don't like the idea too much. I'm just tired of him yelling at everyone. Maybe if he shown the slightest change of heart, I'd reconsider. But right now, he's kind of a dick."

Ray snored in Maverick's grip, not waking up whatsoever when he shook his limp body. Ray even mumbled in his sleep.

"No, Maverick, I'm not going to heal Ginger so you two can pork all night... zzzzzzz... Ginger, if I asked for Ginger ale, would you kill me... zzzzzzz... Maverick, you need a chill pill... hehe... chill... cause you're as cold as your powers... zzzzzzzz..."

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