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Summary: Equestrian & swordsman determined to see the world and make a name for himself.

Cedric Whyte

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Adventurers




Horses, farming, land navigation, swords

Reason for adventuring

Cedric loves freedom, the type of freedom you cannot find in a rural culture. His parents never traveled more than 12 miles from their farm, nor did they want to. But Cedric was cut from a different cloth; he had to get out and see the world. He combined his love of horses with his dream and started working for the local sheriff, running messages back and forth to the capital. Pretty quickly he was promoted to being one of the many messengers for the king and got to ride throughout the kingdom. But even that additional range has begun to bore him. He is desperate to travel farther, and the only job he knows that will allow him to earn a living as well as travel to the ends of the world is adventuring.

Physical Appearance

Of average height, with dark hair and blue eyes. Some might consider him handsome, but a pair of scars on his face from a run-in with goblin raiders give him a "rugged" look.

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Image of Cedric Whyte
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