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Summary: A deposed Duchess unexpectedly caught up in the adventure of the voyage

Vanessa Von Falkenberg

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Adventurers




Courtly etiquette, dancing, riding, archery

Reason for adventuring

Vanessa was the duchess regnant of Falkenberg whose father left her in control of the duchy upon his death when she was eighteen. During her six year rule she did not hesitate to employ brutal methods to put down several rebellions instigated by her enemy Otto II, the Duke of Wesel. Having to deal with constant tumult and strife she soon grew heavily indebted from the cost of paying foreign mercenaries to maintain her rule. Otto, knowing her poor financial state, finally bribed her mercenary force to switch sides. Most of them abandoned Vanessa on the eve of an invasion by Otto's army and she was forced to flee with a small group of supporters. When Otto learned she was intent on reclaiming Falkenberg and was in the process of raising funds to do just that, he sent agents to hunt her down and kill her. Vanessa narrowly avoided the assassins only by taking refuge on the Elfleda, which she boarded posing as a common adventuress.

Physical Appearance

5'7” 120 pounds. Slender but shapely, with dark brunette hair that frames a finely featured, aristocratic face. Her hair and fair complexion bring out her captivating blue eyes.

Other (anything you want to share!)

She has an ornate wooden chest containing many valuable and prize possessions.

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Image of Vanessa Von Falkenberg
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