The Elfleda

The "Elfleda", a lovely vessel recently commissioned by Lord Rolf to sail westward on an exploratory mission, had been stocked with almost two month's worth of supplies. It's small crew, along with the band of adventurers, had set sail just 3 days ago and were mostly in high spirits. The wind favored them and the first leg of this journey was expected to be easy. They were headed to Avery's Isle, so named for Queen Avery almost 20 years ago. Already it was visible in the distance and they should be there within a few hours time.

The large island had a small permanent population, made up mostly of poor folk who had jumped at the chance to have a plot of land to themselves. And while it was under Lord Rolf's dominion, Constable Leofwine Botwright was the local authority. A perfect place to replenish the supplies used over the last few days plus deliver Lord Rolf's quarterly missive to the Constable.

After that, the "real" adventure would begin as the Elfleda would be continuing westward, hoping to discover more islands filled with either fertile soil or lost riches just waiting to be claimed...

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