How do you do?

Stepping out onto the open deck of the ship, Vanessa leaned against the rail and breathed in the fresh air of the ocean as she slowly took in the nearing shoreline. The town along the bay did not appear all that different from the usual fishing communities one found on the coast. Having not eaten much over the past few days, she hoped there was a place that served a good salmon dinner with vegetables and wine. If not salmon the local halibut wouldn't be bad to try either.

"Good mornin', miss."

Vanessa turned at the voice and saw a young dark-haired man with blue eyes. He had a handsome, stubbled face that was marred by two prominent scars that looked like they had been made by some kind of animal. The rugged look about him made her think he was someone who could more than take care of himself, and the scars only contributed to that impression. Still not used to being called 'miss' as opposed to 'your highness' it took her a second to realize that he was speaking to her.

"Good morning," she replied, smiling politely. She extended her hand to him, palm down, and introduced herself. "How do you do? I'm Vanna." It was the assumed name she had adopted when she first came aboard and close enough to her real one that it would be easy to remember.

She saw the others were already starting to board the dinghy and eager to get underway. She wondered if she ought to bring her bow and quiver of arrows along. She doubted it would be necessary. If Otto's assassins somehow determined that she had left on the Elfleda it was highly unlikely the killers could reach Avery's Isle any time soon, let alone ahead of them.

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