"Good choice," Red sneered, bringing one hand up to wipe blood from his chin while using the other to keep his blade near Gawain's throat as he barked an order at the two guards near Jevan, "bind his hands."

Each looked at the other a moment, hesitant to be the first to lay hands on the large sailor. Drugo stepped forward first and produced a length of rope, "You heard the man, give me your hands."

Once Jevan's hands were tightly bound, they checked on the unconscious forms of Sand and Gawain, and their own companion. "Himel's nose might not go straight again, but I think he'll be alright once we get him cleaned up a bit. He's got..."

Just then Oscar appeared, limping badly, out of breath and with blood on his sword and a sour look on his face. "Took care of the man. The girl got away though, ran off into the night. Which of you fopdoodles tied their bonds? Shades! A monkey could do a better job!"


The woman at the door look skeptically at Sharon, looking none-too-pleased to have her evening with the captain interrupted. "Wait here," she said finally and closed the door.

A few minutes later, a dressed Captain Harris Thorne opened the door and looked at Sharon without recognizing his cabin "boy". "Who are you?" he asked bluntly.

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