Drunken reflections

Jevan had attempted to tense his muscles as they were tying his hands so when he untensed them there would be some slack, but he was too drunk to pull that old trick off. He was about to make a wisecrack about Himel's nose and offer to hit it from the other side to straighten it out but then went utterly cold when Oscar arrived and said he had taken care of the man. Did that mean Gris was dead or captured? The blood on the man's sword was a terrible sign that made Jevan's stomach sick.

He did not know what girl they were talking about unless they meant the cabin boy Aiden who was fairly slight and effeminate, not that Jevan would have ever said so to the poor lad. He remembered Aiden wanting to speak to Captain Thorne for some reason and warn him about something. If the boy managed to do so perhaps there might be some chance of rescue? The Captain was not a man to be taken lightly, that was for sure, and had probably dealt with all kinds of waylayers in his time.

But what were these islanders after anyway? The Elfleda wasn't carrying any valuable cargo. None of this made any damn sense. Jevan hoped that perhaps it was all really just a big overreaction from the local constabulary –a misunderstanding that could be cleared up in the morning. Yet something was telling him differently and that this whole affair was really far more sinister than he could imagine...

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