Waking up to a surprise

Slowly Gawain regained consciousness and opened his eyes. His head was aching by both the nock he had received and the booze. It took him a while to remember what had happened. When he finally did one of the guards noticed that he was awake and before he had the time to react, he was pulled up from the floor and pressed headfirst down onto a table, with the guard holding his hands tight on his back. “Hey, easy now! We haven’t done a thing!” he tried to protest, but was too drunk to be able to fight off the guard that quickly tied his hands together.

Sharon was relieved that the captain didn’t seem to be recognising her. “I don’t have time to explain but the city guards are attacking the sailors at the Slippery Eel! You have to do something!”. She really couldn’t waste time on explaining all the details or it might be too late to save the sailors.

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