The Captain's date interrupted

Leaving Quenn to keep an eye on Jevan, Drugo was the one to haul Gawain to his feet.

“Hey, easy now! We haven’t done a thing!”

"Would have saved a whole lot of trouble had you just come along quietly in the first place," Drugo gave the rope another tug to ensure it was tight before knotting it. Once satisfied, he used his right hand to keep Gawain pressed to the table while his left checked for hidden weapons or for anything of value. After all, the sailor sure wouldn't have further need of his coin. "What do we have here?" he asked as he loosened the strings to the pouch on the sailor's belt.

Meanwhile, Oscar was conversing with Red. "You want me to try an' keep that one out there breathing?" Oscar asked Red. "Bastard gave me a pretty nasty scrape." He lifted his injured leg to rest it on a chair, showing off a bleeding cut to his thigh, which he began to wrap with a piece of tablecloth to staunch the bleeding.

"Bring him in here. Zarrin wanted 'em alive if possible."


"Wouldn't be the first tavern brawl, lass," the captain sighed, not pleased that his crew would get involved in such and not yet suspecting the seriousness of the situation. He put on his coat, then pulled his woman close for a passionate kiss. "I won't be long," he promised, then stepped outside with Sharon. "At the Slippery Eel, you say?"

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