Back Together

When Magnus downed another of the guards and was able to break free enough to make it to the top of the steps, he would find himself in the same long hallway the others had been exploring a few moments before. Seven door lined one side of the hallway while the other side was lined with tall windows. It was easy enough to locate Alice's position. Her voice was coming from the other side of a locked door, which was the door closest to Magnus.

A female voice repeated "I'm here!" from behind the door closest to Magnus. "Come on."

"I can't! It's locked!" Alice cried, but it was not the voice of a child as Magnus had assumed, but of the maid that had served them lunch and spilled ale on Zarrin a few hours before.

"Vanna?! Cedric?! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Cedric heard his friend yell and hurried out of the library in an attempt to aid the situation. Barnaby and Trowfaz were just emerging from the broom closest. Zarrin and two guards were coming at them from the north end of the hallway while two more coming up the steps from the south.

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