The Return of Barnaby (sort of...)

(OOC: With apologies to the incomparable Cobbjaw I'll take a stab at writing this delightful pair for at least one post.)

A thump came from the next door.

"Come Trowfaz," Barnaby cried, springing into action.

Trowfaz raised a thickly muscled arm, momentarily holding Barnaby up. "It's not safe here, boss. We need to get out of this house and make a run for the ship. Zarrin's men outnumber us ten to one. We will not survive a direct confrontation."

"Pah! You're not telling me anything I don't already know, Trowfaz. Don't open your savage mouth again until you have some new information to tell me. Now let's get a move on before the enemy swamps us! Magnus can only provide a distraction for so long..."

"But Zarrin--"

"His name is Quentin, Trowfaz!"


Suddenly Magnus' bellowing voice sounded through the mansion. "Vanna?! Cedric?! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

"Sounds like he's finally come back to his senses, but it seems he neglected to slay those two ruffians during his psychotic rampage," Barnaby observed, gesturing airily at a pair of guards coming up the hallway at them. "What are you waiting for, lummox? Dispatch them! Dispatch them, I say!"

"Right away, Boss." Trowfaz unsheathed his weapon and charged. Steel shone in the dim light of the corridor as his steel blade slashed through the air. Instantly a pair of heads toppled gruesomely onto the tiled floor just before the thudding of the two bodies to which the heads had been attached.

"There's another two coming from the other way!" Barnaby nimbly swung about and brought his rapier up, the clash of steel ringing out as he expertly blocked a slashing sword that sought his throat. "Quickly, Trowfaz, or must I contend with them myself?"

"I'm coming, Boss!"

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