Paying for an ugly mug

(OOC: Apologies for changing Zarrin's name to Quentin! I believe I fixed it in my last few posts and the summary, but if anyone finds that I missed any, know that I meant Zarrin!)

The sailor's kick connected with Drugo's leg but the awkward angle forced by Gawain being pushed face down on the table made it less than effective.

"Gotta help out poor Himmel," Drugo laughed, pushing Gawain's bound arms upward at a painful angle. "He's gonna have to pay extra now to the girls so they'll look at his ugly nose now that your friend busted it up."

Once Oscar finished binding up his own cut he motioned to Quenn who was keeping an eye on Jevan. "Help me drag the other one in here."

Quenn looked uncertaintly at the large sailor. "Don't try nuthin funny, else that one outside..." he drew his finger across his throat in a clear warning.


"Wait a moment, girl," the captain said, trying to keep the pace to a slow walk as her words sunk in. If she was right, then he was glad she came to get him, but it also meant he could be walking into a very dangerous situation and rushing in may not be advisable. "Do you know how many men we're facing?"

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