OOC - Welcome back and clarifications (hopefully!)

So glad to have you back! :) For plot, I have the general gist of what Zarrin is (and has been) up to, though I try to do my best to roll with whatever curve balls you guys throw me and not railroad the PCs in specific direction. Many of things you guys have added to the story have actually tweaked the specifics of Zarrin's plot quite a bit as you gave me better ideas that still fit quite nicely.

As for feedback... I feel badly that you probably missed this post. We've really been procrastinating on advancing the story line with Vanna, Barnaby, Trowfaz, & Cedric hoping you'd return!

In truth, they were buying some time for Zarrin and the couple guards with him to get up the back steps and hopefully catch Magnus from behind. They achieved the second floor and hurried down the corridor, still unaware the other adventurers were snooping around here. Just as Barnaby began to head out of the broom closet, Zarrin's voice carried toward him and Trowfaz:

"We can trap the brute from behind. Once he's subdued the others should be easy enough to cow. They'll all aid me tonight," he sounded practically giddy at the thought. "They were headed west anyway. It could be months before they are missed."

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