Formulating a plan

Captain Harris Thorne picked up his pace again until they got within sight of the Slippery Eel, then put a hand out to stop Sharon before they got too close, pulling her into the shadows so they could not be easily seen from the tavern.

They watched as two of the guards pulled the unmoving form of Gris into the tavern. From their vantage it was impossible to tell if the sailor was dead or simply unconscious. "I don't want you or I endin' up like that, lass. We gotta be smart about this," he told her.

"I think we can sneak up there and catch a glimpse in the window. Then we decide if we're going back to the Elfleda for help."


Gris groaned weakly as Oscar and Quenn dragged him through the door and propped him up against the wall. Blood soaked the right side of his loose and his face looked pale.

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