Positive Developments

"Fleeing?" Vanessa said with relief and surprise at the unexpected news. "Perhaps Zarrin mistakenly believes there are far more of us than there are after Magnus cut such a swath through his men." She clutched the side of her head and despite her pain smiled around at her companions. "Let's finish our search of the house. If Zarrin is retreating from the island we can hand over the butler to whatever is left of the local constabulary... and eventually be on our way ourselves. Here's hoping our future adventures will not all be like this one."


Jevan exchanged a relieved look with Gawain as the guards dragged a still living and breathing Gris into the tavern. But the sailor did not look too good. He's lost a lot of blood, Jevan thought worriedly. But where was Aiden? Had the young lad managed to reach the Captain? And those crazy bunch of adventurers? What had happened to all of them? And also for that matter where was Cassandra? She had vanished at some point during the spirited evening, leaving the tavern just before things had turned bad. She must be somewhere out there on the streets. Perhaps she would run into Aiden and the Captain?

OOC: I think that's who she approaches. Sharon and Capt Thorne.

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