Any Ideas?

"Seems we've got a spot of trouble," Captain Harris Thorne said quietly to Cassandra, glad to see one of his newer crew members. His breath smelled of alcohol as he leaned in close so as not to be overheard by those inside even though he didn't seem much impaired. "Some kind of fight with the local guards."

He gestured toward the window and the three crept up to it and peeked inside. The fight looked to be over and the sailors had obviously lost the confrontation. Jevan and Gawain were bound. Gris and Sand lay unmoving. "Shades!" The captain managed to keep his voice low, but his fists clenched in anger. "Can't tell if those two are breathing."

There were five guards total, one of which was clenching a bloody rag to his nose while holding his head back, staring up at the ceiling. Two others had obvious injuries as well, though would probably still be able to put up a fight if it came to it.

The townsfolk had gone, not wanting to get caught up in the fight.

"Any ideas?"

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