"Let's finish our search of the house. If Zarrin is retreating from the island we can hand over the butler to whatever is left of the local constabulary... and eventually be on our way ourselves. Here's hoping our future adventures will not all be like this one."

"You're not kidding. I had more treasure in mind, less politics," Cedric agreed.

With some reluctant assistance from the butler, they retrieved a set of keys and unlocked the last door in the hallway, releasing the frightened and grateful servant, Alice. "I thought ... I thought he would kill me," she said, wiping away tears. "You sure he's gone?" she asked nervously. "Everyone was so afraid of 'im. Seems anyone who crossed him ended up gone. I thought I'd find out how tonight. At least that's what he threatened... tonight."

She paused as she stepped out of her temporary prison to look at the four lifeless bodies strewn about the hallway. Her face contorted in disgust and she spat on the nearest one.


(OOC: I know we've still got to wrap up the scene at the Slippery Eel and maybe a few loose ends here at the manor, but I'm envisioning Zarrin's ship sailing west... ahead of the Elfleda. An enemy out there somewhere... who knows when he'll make an appearance again. Now maybe with a desire for revenge... ;) )

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