A Song and Dance

(OOC: Zarrin's escape that sets up a future encounter with a returning enemy sounds like quite a good idea to me. I'll try to assist in resolving events at the Slippery Eel, even though Jevan's hands are a bit tied...)

Jevan tried not to react when he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the night. Someone he was not sure that he'd ever see again in this life. Unless his bleary blood-shot eyes were playing cruel tricks on him, no less than Captain Thorne himself was lurking outside the Slippery Eel, along with a couple of wenches in tow, one of whom he recognized to be the feisty Cassandra, who when riled was a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

Thrilled that his prayers had been answered and salvation was near at hand, Jevan was eager to assist in his own rescue. What the Captain plain and simply needed was a distraction in order to better take the guards by surprise. Rising to his feet that had been left carelessly untied, Jevan all of a sudden started doing an ecstatic jig on the tavern's creaking floorboards and loudly singing a favourite sea chantey at the top of his lungs.

"A sailor's life is supposed to be a hell of a lot of fun, aye, but when you're a sailor, take it from me, you work like a son of a gun!" Jevan crooned, grinning broadly at Gawain who like the guards that had all turned in his direction, must have surely thought he'd gone completely off the bend.

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