Joining in

Gawain was only just able to turn his head to looked at Jevan in disbelief. He'd clearly lost his marbles, but he had to admit that it was a pretty good song choice. When it also seemed to annoy the guards he quickly joined in "They give us jobs of ev'ry kind
And chores of ev'ry sort,
But sweat away, sailor, you don't mind
'Cause you know when we reach port
There will always be a lady fair,
A Jenny fair or a Sadie fair,
There'll always be a lady fair,
Who's waiting there for you."

To his drunken mind this seemed to be the perfect way he could work against the guards in his current state.

Sharon took the dirk with a nod, but had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from objecting. She wasn't that defenceless. Having lived on the streets had learned her more then just a couple of tricks to keep her alive, but she just had to play along for now. She still didn't want to let the captain or any of the others from the ship know her 'true' identity as Aiden.

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