Rise and Shine

Vanessa awoke in her small cabin and for a time lay deeply thinking. She had to decide whether to disembark at Avery's Isle or continue on the fantastic voyage for its duration. The excitement among the crew and passengers of the Elfleda was almost contagious. The prospect of journeying to mysterious lands and discovering fabulous riches was enough to stir something even in her own jaded soul. Especially the talk of the vast wealth just waiting out there to be found, wealth she could use to buy the sword of every mercenary on the continent and take back her stolen birthright. Why else, she wondered, could fate have possibly brought her here and now other than to recoup all the greatness that she lost?

She rose from her narrow bed—that had been made more comfortable by a pile of soft furs and velvet cushions from her travelling chest—and carefully stepped down to the cabin's moving deck. After three days the steady rise and fall of the ocean was making her feel less nauseous, however she was not sure if she could ever become completely used to the sensation, nor accustomed to being around so many uncouth commoners. That said, it was quite an interesting change of pace from the stressful court intrigue she had been caught up in for the past six years. Part of her was undeniably enjoying being removed from it all and getting involved in something so different and outside her experience.

Hearing people talking through the ceiling above about land being sighted, she quickly dressed in her finely crafted travelling togs, brushed her dark brown mane about her shoulders, and made her way out of her cabin and down the hall toward the animated voices atop the deck.

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