Asking For Help/False Hearts Return.

"I asked you because I've seen what the other girls cooked...basically took leftovers and called it theirs. They lack basic integrity. You however do have integrity, so you are the best option out if the whole school," Pen blankly responded. He was checking when final grades are due...still had time to make up. An B+ was way better than a C-. "Plus, they're always trying to hook up with me...again, no integrity. They barely focus on their future, and see me as some trophy to be won. I'm not somebody to be used...sorry, just ranting a bit,"

The Tour was finally getting to it's climax. The last section they were to see, was the Physical AI Construction assembly. They recently were allowed to make Bodyguard Drones, mostly as sidekicks for cops. Fairly new, actually.

"Nice...absolutely incredible," Pen looked up, astounded at the fine craftsmanship, the detail. Breathtaking. But then he frowned again. He noticed that his class was short a few people. Three in fact. Zero was still there. But.

He checked the database of all classmates. Everyone was here...except for three transfers...he checked, but found subpar files. So, either the guys who make the files were lazy or...terrorists.

"Oh, geez," He looked up to see the Guard Bots suddenly turn around to face the glass. What was next was obvious. "Get DOWN!!!"

Shots were fired. Thankfully none of the students were injured. By instinct, Pen sent a message for Calypso. She could help. And he noticed he was on top of Shelby, among broken glass, and scorched plastic.

"I highly doubt they would stop there..." He got up, helping Shelby on her feet. The other students were helping each other too.

The lights went out. Red silent alarms were the only source of light.

The False Hearts Are Attacking Again.

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