And the tour continues

"Alright, folks, I think it's time to see the next thing." Makoto led the way out of the SolidLight room, and continued with a tour of the various facilities of the building. Though he couldn't let them inside, they walked past rooms filled with servers. Behind the glass walls, the metallic housings were a meter thick, and almost 50m tall, and packed together with just enough space for a technician to walk between. It looked like a grand library, if a library had all its shelves and books replaced with metal and wires.

"We need to process a lot of data, you see." He walked on, attention focused on where he would take them next. He showed them the offices and then the canteen, where they breaked for lunch.

"If anyone wants, by the way, I have been told that we have been allowed to try the battle facilities. I'll lead us there now if you'd like."

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