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Summary: A refined, eloquent, yet cold, calculating, and brutal military commander for the Galactic Empire

High Admiral Artis Kahn

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Gender: Male

Age: 49

Group: Galactic Empire


Human (Coruscanti)

Rank and Position [Unit and Brigade Optional, N/A if none]

High Admiral of the Galactic Empire


Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces in the Maldrood Oversector
Second-in-Command to Moff Tythus Alvaree, the sector governor.

Currently under orders from Imperial High Command to restore peace to the embattled sector.

Commanding Officer of the Allecto, an Imperial class Star Destroyer (personal flagship)


Artis Kahn prides himself as an officer and a gentleman. He possesses a refined, posh attitude, acting calm, eloquent, and reserved at all times. He speaks with an air of refinement, tending to avoid slang, always addressing people by their proper titles (including enemies of the Empire), while maintaining a stoic tone (Kahn never openly shows his emotions, as he sees it as a sign of weakness).
His refinement is a result of both his upbringing, and his time with the Imperial Academy.
However, Kahn possesses a dry, dark sense of humor that he displays openly, particularly in battle, or among his subordinates.

Kahn possesses a deep drive for success, which guides his actions as an Imperial Officer. He always strives for the best outcome for the Empire, at almost any cost. He does not, however, rush into actions, nor does he willingly waste resources or personnel. Rather, Kahn will carefully analyze the situation and pursue his goals in a way that will achieve the best outcome with the minimal amount of expenditures.

Cold and calculating, Kahn is a terrifying opponent. He will exploit every availible weakness of the enemy, while using every asset he has to it's fullest potential. He is fond of out-maneuvering the enemy, and will always strive to destroy as many opposing forces as possible (rarely will Kahn allow enemy forces to retreat, he makes liberal use of Interdictor cruisers and flaking maneuvers in space, and air superiority/orbital anti-air nets).

Kahn is a scholar, with a passion for history and military tactics. Through his nearly 50 years of life he has studied all that he could in order to become a refined gentleman worthy of the Kahn name.
He knows a fair amount on subjects of literature, music, and theater, as well as mathematics and basic sciences (just above the average amount that your standard well-to-do Imperial would know), but it is history and strategy where he truly shines

His loyalty to the Empire is unquestionable. He holds the flag of the Empire close to his heart, and puts the good of the state above all, including himself. This is his downfall, as his unshakable confidence in the Empire may occasionally lead him to become blind with patriotism, and has nearly caused him trouble in the past.
It is this same confidence that drives him to cover all mistakes, to appear flawless as an officer, including and by no means limited to executing subordinates.

Kahn is married to Savenna Kahn, and his four children, three sons and one daughter.


Kahn is a tall man, standing at 6'8'', but with a light frame. Not physically opposing by any sense.

Kahn has green eyes and heavily greying black hair. In line with his posh nature, his hair is neat and trimmed. He possesses a neatly trimmed beard and mustache.

Kahn wears his uniform at all times whilst on duty. His uniform consists of the standard dark-green Imperial Officer uniform, clad with proper rank materials (a rank plaque and four code cylinders).

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Artis Avomahl Kahn was born into the illustrious Kahn family of Courscant. The Kahn family has long been tied to seat of power for the Republic, dating back to the Jedi Civil War in the days of the Old Republic. For thousands of years they have served as politicians, soldiers, officers, and diplomats for the Republic. Following the rise of the New Order and the formation of the Empire, they gladly took up the Imperial flag.

Artis was raised to be eloquent, refined, and scholarly as his ancestors had before him. In his childhood he enjoyed a fine life, rubbing elbows with the children of the most powerful men of the Republic (and eventually, the Empire).

As soon as he reached the proper age, Artis took to the Imperial Academy. While there, he attained excellent grades, formed close friendships, while at the same time earned a reputation of snootiness and at times, arrogance.

In his early career with the Imperial Navy, Kahn shot through the ranks, serving the Empire loyally and efficiently wherever posted. While it took some time, he was finally entrusted with command of his first vessel, the Acclamator Class Assault Ship IAS-Defender.

Kahn's first patrols with the Defender were situated in the backwater regions of the Outer Rim, chasing pirates and assisting in what few fleet-actions the Empire conducted. His first major combat was seen in the invasion of a Separatist Holdout world, where he succeeded in breaking through Separatist defenses and landing his troops on the surface.

Eventually, the aged Defender was retired. Kahn's service did not go unrecognized, and he was placed in charge of a recently deployed Victory class Star Destroyer, the ISD-Crusader. With the Crusader, Kahn saw several different theaters of war, including putting down several precursor uprisings to the Rebel Alliance.

Kahn's first commission as an admiral came with the transfer to the Imperial Class Star Destroyer ISD-Allecto. Kahn's love of the massive capital-ship was well known (made blatantly apparent in a treatise he penned on the role of the Star Destroyer in the modern navy). He studied his ship well, and employed it to peak efficiency. Serving as the commander of a security fleet in the Maldrood Oversector, Kahn often fought with the militias and pirate factions struggling to maintain their hold in the far-flung reaches of the sector. It was his efficiency at this that eventually resulted in his promotion to Fleet Admiral, where he was posted at the capital planet (Lantilles) of the Maldrood sector as an adviser to the beleaguered Moff. While being taken away from the front angered Kahn, he accepted the position in order to help the Empire keep control of a turbulent sector.

Kahn did not directly command forces, but directed the Moff in the deployment of the sector's forces against the militias and pirates. His strategies payed dividends, allowing the Empire a great deal of success, but the sector remained a place of conflict and strife.
A falling out between Kahn and some of the admirals and generals under his thumb (the officers having grown tired of the "armchair Admiral" directing them) resulted in the nervous sector Moff removing him from strategy, with Kahn providing little more than hindsight.

After an embarrassing string of incidents, Kahn was appointed High Admiral of the oversector by Imperial High Command. Moff Alvaree was stripped of his military powers and delegated to managing the civil affairs of the sector, and Kahn given standing orders to stabilize the sector.
Kahn, wanting his old warhorse back, relieved the admiral commanding the Allecto of his command, declared the Star Destroyer his flagship, and took up a near-permanent residence aboard the vessel.

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