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Summary: Shy shadow user with a dark past

Rick Fields

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Students




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Darkness manipulation - from tentacles to blades and even projectiles the shadows coiled around his arm are at his command.
Movement through shadows via a shadow dimension - others can be granted a brief 20 second access.
Can summon pure shadow to blanket an area.

Personality and interests

Mostly cold, quiet, and shy around outgoing people he tends to keep to himself. Quiet reading and keeping to the shadows he comes off eerie or creepy. Secretly depressed he doesn't talk about his problems openly and finds it difficult to confide in others. Finds a connection in those ostracized by their abilities.


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Favourite Sayings

"What do you want?"
"Go away."
"Your company isn't wanted here."

Favourite food

Anything with cheese on/in it

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Image of Rick Fields
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