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Summary: A boy who's healing touch holds back a burning tempest.

Ichikojin Saunders

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Gender: Male

Age: 14

Group: Students




Brown hair (when not bald), brown eyes. A cute face and handsome smile adds to his physical charm. His back bares the scars of severe burns. 5', 6'' and room to grow, he has the appearance of a charming, good mannered lad.

Hero Name



Healing Fire/Engulfing Flame. His fire manipulation is tied to his mental state. While calm and collected his flames are gentle, warm, and sprout wherever there is pain, injury, or even bad psyche to burn away(heal). This keeps his general attitude quite composed as any irks or irritations are visibly and quickly consumed by a blue flame that bursts into existence when "food" is available. The blue flame can be transferred to other individuals by touch, but other people's "stress" becomes his own, weakening his blue flames effectiveness the more it is used on others. However,... should something rattle his psyche beyond his blue healing fire's rate of consumption it becomes an all engulfing red flame that he has yet to control, attacking and burning anything nearby in an attempt to destroy the source of "stress". This red flame spreads over Ichikojin's body like a mantle offering no protection as it uses his clothes and very body as fuel for it's rampage. All his flames are vulnerable to water and any common form of fire extinguishers. If deprived of air momentarily(IE: a vacuum or proximity explosion) either flame will extinguish. If extinguished in any manner it will either add to his stress(blue) or reset his stress(red). After a "rage" incident his blue flames slowly return and heal the damage the red flames did to his body(but never fast enough to heal him completely, hence the ever growing patches of scar tissue)

Personality and interests

Ichikojin (or Ichi for short) meditates, lifts weights, runs, and attempts just about any type of activity to strengthen his focus. Girls are taboo, as most of their attitudes only worsen his control and, however politely avoids females as much as possible.
Ichi keeps mostly to himself, offering very few avenues to invite irritation and even goes as far as to drown it out with music or even earplugs. No method of avoiding irritation is too outrageous when avoiding another "rage". Otherwise, he smiles a lot, is considerate and polite when approached, but makes little attempt at keeping anyone interested in him.


He's a 3rd generation quirk user. His mother Sakura Saunders uses plants to heal patients at a hospital. His father Frank Saunders is a military man and hero who uses flame manipulation and wrist mounted flame throwers with a finesse Ichi dreams to achieve. When Ichi was a baby he never cried. He was seen as the "perfect child" until he got into a fight on the playground. The teachers and kids knew his flames were harmless, so when a bully tried to take advantage of his "weakness" Ichi blacked out and a firestorm engulfed the school, spreading quickly through the town. His father quickly moved them to Canada, thinking a colder and friendlier country might provide a safer place for their child to grow up. Over time and with intense "father son" training he learned to banish all thoughts of rage and violence from his heart.

Favourite Sayings

"Fight fire with fire? I'd have it no other way."
"In a world of absolutes, everything burns."
"My tempered flame has a nasty temper."

Favourite food

Flavoured Ice, Sweet & Sour Pork/Chicken, Chili anything, Mexican food.

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Image of Ichikojin Saunders
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