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Summary: Cynical teacher of Power Utilization 101.

Michael Killigan

Gender: Male

Age: 43, looks 20

Group: Staff


American...ish. That's where he fell out of the sky, anyways.


Michael has short silver hair with long bangs, golden eyes, tan skin, and a multitude of scars. He also has black wings that are rarely, if ever, extended.

Hero Name

Used to be Archangel.


Advanced healing and metabolism, to the point where he seems to have stopped aging.

Sorcery-Requires a wand or similar channel for any finesse, though he can cast without. It's just casting with no channel as compared to casting with one is like the difference between painting with a brush or your fingers.

Flight, due to the wings that he can, in effect, "summon". They can be dispersed with magic when he isn't using them. Technically there's a spell he could use to fly, it's just ridiculously complicated, draining, and impractical.

Personality and interests

Michael is a bitter, jaded man with trust issues. He's also a pessimist, though he would say he's a realist. Though he seems gruff, he really does care about his students. He's just afraid he'll be sending them out to die.

He enjoys practicing magic, reading, and coffee, and that's about it.


Michael was raised at the academy. It wasn't like they could send him anywhere else after he crashed through the greenhouse window. He ended up being raised alongside of another boy, Luke. They trained together, and were partners in crime, often pranking their instructors. By the time they graduated, Michael and Luke had come to be known as the dynamic duo of the academy, never failing a mission.

They were known as Archangel and Lightbringer, and became one of the most famous crime fighting teams in the country.

Eventually though, one particular enemy they faced had figured out just how to bring them down. Serpens used a drug that warped Luke's mind, making him a twisted mirror of his former self. In the last of their many fights, Michael, along with a few others, managed to defeat Luke. However, the victory was a pyrrhic one for Michael. Luke tore off his wings so that Michael couldn't follow him into the sky, and as Luke was distracted with his gruesome task, Michael was able to cast a spell to bind Luke's powers.

After that, Michael hung up his cape, so to speak, refusing to fight crime anymore. Eventually his wings grew back, but instead of the blinding white they once were, his wings had turned black. He occupied his days hence forth with studying magic and training, not to be a hero again, but to make sure he was strong enough that no one could ever hurt him in such a way again.

Fifteen years had passed when he was offered a job at the Academy. 'Are you crazy?!' he'd asked. ' Why in the world would I teach kids?!' Michael wanted to know. Honestly, he couldn't imagine being trusted with children, or god forbid being responsible for them. But nonetheless, here he is.

Favourite Sayings

" Wrong, wrong, wrong. How do you expect to hit the broad side of a barn with aim like that."

" Yes I have wings, no you can't see them."

Favourite food


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Image of Michael Killigan
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