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Summary: A little awkward and paranoid but is trying to work on it.

Aria Jones

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Students




Aria is a small girl standing at only 4 feet and 12 inches. She has emerald green eyes. Her complexion is very pale. She has short black hair with bangs. She always wears her diamond necklace but she conceals it under her clothing to avoid attention. Aria wears formal clothing that is not very colorful.

Hero Name

Deaths Siren


Illusion creation and Fear Inducing Song

Personality and interests

Aria is way too clueless and innocent for her own good. She is stubborn, childish and socially inept. She quickly becomes paranoid after thinking about anything long enough. Though she does not have many friends she cares deeply for people. She has a high respect for people of authority and their rules, especially her fathers.

She has an interest in the actions of people and can often be found staring at people creepily from a distance. Aria shows an interest in cooking even though she is terrible at it.


Adopted from an orphanage by a single man at the age of three. The only information given to her is that her mother suffered from issues with sanity and could not take care of her.
Her adoptive father is a rich CEO of a popular technology company. He spoiled her and though kind could not spend much time with her because of his work.
He was supportive when her powers emerged, but because of this he wanted to protect her more so he had her home schooled. Aria rarely left her home and had little to no friends.
On a rare vacation with her father he saw that over the years she had grown some paranoia and social handicaps. Feeling guilty, he hastily made a decision to get her into a school where she could meet people and learn about her powers without fear. Eventually the academy adventured his pleas.

Favourite Sayings

"Sorry, but I cannot speak to strangers!"

"Tag! You're it!"

Favourite food

Anything containing strawberries!

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Image of Aria Jones
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