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Summary: A silent at first student who is unsure of their powers unable to continue in a world that hates him

Broderick Sherman Monterilla

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Students




Rumpled Black Hair, somewhat long in the front, but shorter in the back.

Skinny, not super muscly just lanky and long

Thin jawline, medium eyes, that are dark green

Hero Name

The Necromancer


Slight mind control, meaning that he is only able to push suggestions into minds.

Raising of the Dead, momentarily and only in times of need

Levitation, able to hover, maximum of 3 feet.

Personality and interests

Although dark and brooding on the outside, Broderick actually loves to read and bake. While sometimes protective of his past, Broderick, once he finds a home to protect, will stop at nothing to protect the ones that have accepted him.


Once a good student, with a loving family and good friends, Broderick was cast out as soon as it was found that he had powers. That was a little over two years ago, after having to live on the streets for that time, Broderick is searching for a home before he, as he calls it, "goes bad".

Favourite Sayings

"Watch yourself" "I don't need help" "You concern me.

Favourite food

Bread with Butter

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Image of Broderick Sherman Monterilla
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