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Summary: Guidance Counselor promoting peace, harmony, humility, humanity

Jaelle Audris

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Gender: Female

Age: Mid to late 20's

Group: Staff


Child of the earth, originally Romania


Long dark hair, olive skin, dark eyes, see photo

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Psychekinetic, Ms. Audris has the ability to visit the minds of students. She can communicate telepathically, and has helped many a student conquer their inner demons.

Personality and interests

Light, Airy, Jaelle is a strict Vegan and lover of the planet. She doesn't own a car, she is a believer in live and let live. She loves all of the students, and does her best to help.


Jaelle has lived all over the globe, traveling has always been a way of life. She settled down a few years ago at the academy, her first long term venture. She has always had the power of visiting other planes which she later realized was actually other people's minds. It helps her as a counselor by presenting students with situations they may encounter, and helps them deal accordingly. She channels her powers through a mystic orb, which not only helps keep her focused but assures students she won't visit when not welcomed.

Favourite Sayings

Happiness is a journey, not a destination
Don't hate, meditate

Favourite food

Organic wheatgrass with hemp seeds

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Image of Jaelle Audris
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