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Summary: Maria is a master of illusions that hates conflict.

Maria Valero

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Students




Brown eyes, brown hair, oval face, 5'3"

Hero Name

La Ilusionista


Maria is a master of illusions. Not only can she transmit images to her targets, she can also transmit thoughts, tastes, smells, sounds, and even sensations. She can effectively control all of a target's sensory inputs, but she has no control over sensory outputs, and she can't directly cause harm to a person's body or psyche. She also can't use any of her powers on her self. Maria can only target one subject at a time, and she can't subtract real sensory inputs.

Personality and interests

Maria is a pacifist by nature. She hates conflict of any type. She enjoys exploiting her powers to harass her enemies, but she'll do what she can to avoid getting in fights with them. Maria has a hard time facing her fears. She also isn't terribly well educated.


Maria was born to a poor family in Mexico. When she was 12, her family managed to cross the border into the United States. Two years later, Maria's father was killed in an accident at the construction job that he had gotten into. Maria's mom worked as a janitor, but she could hardly afford to support Maria and herself when she was being paid less than minimum wage. Meanwhile, Maria discovered her powers. Maria needed to help her family survive, so she hooked up with one of the local gangs. She found work as a prostitute, however, utilizing her powers, she managed to do so without ever having sex. Eventually, someone figured out what was going on, and they were so enraged at being tricked that they tipped of the ICE about her illegal status. When Maria and her mom were about to be deported, Maria was approached by a recruiter from the Academy for Super Humans. Even though she knew that she was going to leave her mom in a tight spot, she decided to accept the offer.

Favourite Sayings

"Illusions aren't real, but mine you feel."

"Don't hurt each other!"

"Try talking this though."

Favourite food

Authentic Mexican food.

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Image of Maria Valero
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