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Summary: "It's so bright and colorful here! I like it."

Eldrin Moore

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Gender: Male

Age: 14

Group: Students




Eldrin has spiky but manageable brown hair that he makes sure is well kept. He has stunning blue eyes that glow with intricate designs in them. His usual outfit consists of a light blue scarf and white shirt with blue sleeves. Under his scarf he keeps a pair of goggles to sort of color balance things when necessary. He can rarely be found without the scarf. He wears regular blue jeans.

Hero Name



1: Energy Sight. This ability is passive until he learns how to shut it off. It gives his eyes the blue glow, and allows him to see a person's "Mana level", to put it short. It appears to him in something of an aura in and around a person, which is why he refers to it as an aura.

2: (LOCKED) Sound Manipulation. Can't be used yet. (I wanted to try this out, but if switching the abilities isn't alright then I can change it back)

3: Plant Manipulation. The only power Eldrin has some control over is his ability to grow and command all sorts of plants. As far as he knows, his limits are growing large trees, and he can't control the large trees that he grows from the amount of power he uses up. He is, however, skilled in growing fruits and vegetables with relative ease.

Personality and interests

Eldrin is a somewhat shy kid, but he'll take any opportunity he thinks is worth it to talk to someone and try to make a friend. He loves food, and thanks to his insane metabolism, he can enjoy a lot of it. He also likes board games and sometimes going out with friends, as long as it doesn't put him in immediate danger. Eldrin is also very loyal, and if he's lucky enough to get a friend, he'll stick with them.


Eldrin was named after a wizard in a book that his father loved. His mom reluctantly agreed, and it was great that she did, because who doesn't want to be named after a wizard? Okay, some people might not, but Eldrin always thought it was awesome. He spent his days as an only child, who could've ended up terribly spoiled if he hadn't been afraid of asking for things. It's probably one of his biggest issues.

He went to normal school and generally had a normal life. Out of curiosity, on his first day of highschool, he signed up for a Culinary class that offered greenhouse work. Eldrin loved the idea of using the freshest ingredients, so he signed himself up to help with the gardens too. They flourished under his care, and that's when people started getting suspicious. No way was this kid singlehandedly raising this insanely healthy garden. So people investigated, and after a few months, he was told that his unnatural skill of growing plants was a huge gift, something beyond his wildest dreams.

So, Eldrin was signed up for a school that would teach him more about his power over plants, and guide him. However, as luck would have it, a few weeks before he was supposed to go, he was struck by a second ability that surfaced overnight. When he woke, the world was tinged blue, and everything around him seemed to radiate some kind of light. Black, reds, greens, and dozens of other colors drove his vision into chaos. Doctors eventually figured out that he could see the energy of nearly any living being in his line of sight, and until he learned to control it, he'd have to adjust to the constant flood of color in the world.

And so, a few weeks later, Eldrin Moore stood before the school that's supposed to help him, and he's ready now more than ever to learn where he stands in the world, and to learn if he can control his powers after all.

Favourite Sayings

"Hello! I'm Eldrin, nice to meet you!"

"I'll never get used to meeting new people, because it brings new colors to my eyes every time I do."

"Everyone has a unique aura, see? And I get to see all of them. Don't worry, yours looks great!"

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