Tender flames

"Oh, these?" Ichikojin blushed and his flames reacted in kind. "These are the best part of my ability. Flames that eat pain, wounds, illness, and even ailments of the mind be it a psychosis or negative emotion. They purify and bring it all back to me to eat at their leisure. It's when they bring home more than I can handle that it gets dangerous." He extended a hand in her direction, isolating his flames to his palm, "So, I only offer them to others when I am sure." He then closed his hand and the flames were gone. Offering her a wink he stood, "I look forward to learning with everyone." He bowed slightly and made an early start towards class. "I'm going on ahead so I can meditate a bit, Rick,"and out he went.

Outside he held the walls of the hall as he took several deep calming breaths his flames roaring to life around him. Girls are dangerous! He had so little experience with females. To think a compliment from a cute girl would have that strong of an effect. Pulling everything back under control, he proceeded to his first class. I must get stronger.

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