Don't play with fire

"See ya around, Ichi." Terrica said, waving her spoon as a goodbye as the cute looking boy left. Not that the others weren't good looking, face it, the school was full of hotties, which surprisingly did make it more appealing.

I wonder if he swims. She tought to herself, remembering the Spongbob episode with the underwater fire.

"I should get going too." She told the others, draining her for-show cup of coffee. "I have some sort of metaphysical ethics class I have to go look like I'm paying attention in. It was nice meeting you, Rick, was it?" She said to the floating boy. that's what Ich called him. "And Zero, you still owe me a pop-in visit. Just don't peep me." She grabbed her pen and schedule from the table and headed out to find her first class.

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