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Summary: Commander of the Destiny

Louisa Miller

Gender: Female

Age: 39

Group: Military Personnel




Commander of Icarus Base/Destiny



Physical Appearance

Colonel Miller stands at 5' 10'' tall with short, dark hair and blue eyes. She is never seen out of her uniform.

Personality and interests

Colonel Miller is a no nonsense sort of person. She expects the best from all of those under her command, and nothing less. Though she comes off as somewhat taciturn, she does have a softer side and it's clear that she deeply cares for her comrades.

She enjoys watching spaghetti westerns, something she and her father bonded over, and is a fan of baseball and soccer.


Louisa was born in New York and raised by her father after her mother abandoned them. She always admired his strength and set about making him proud by competing in sports. Her father moved them to California before she started high school, the move caused her to act out and she was constantly getting into trouble. She straightened out, however, and joined the Air Force who offered to pay her way through college.

At some point she married her high school sweetheart, Dr. Liam Miller, who works in Stargate Command on the medical staff. While their jobs kept them apart at times, they've managed to make it work.

Her military service was mostly uneventful until she joined the Stargate Program near the end of their war with the Goa'uld. She earned many commendations for bravery and was soon promoted to the rank of Major and put in command of SG-24 for the next four years. After a few more promotions she was eventually assigned the position as commander of Icarus Base.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's hope for a home run." - Any time the crew needs to pull off a miracle.

"I trust you'll do your best." - Her way of encouraging her subordinates.

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Image of Louisa Miller
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