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Summary: An expert on Ancient Systems with questionable sanity.

Orland Sim

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Civilians/Scientists/IOA




Researcher of Ancient lore, technology, and language. Former head researcher into the 9th chevron for Ba’al.



Physical Appearance

Sim has a disheveled appearance, graying hair that is long and unkempt, and blue eyes that always look wild. He’s usually seen wearing ratty rags and scavenged bedsheets for clothing. He bears visible scars on his temples from where the neural interface chair’s probes burrowed into his head.

Personality and interests

Sim is usually described as “shifty.” He tends to keep to himself, either spending time on the bridge, neural interface room, or auxiliary control room. Though he does like to haunt the mess hall and listen to the white noise of everyone there. Due to his time under Ba’al’s thumb and his extended isolation after fleeing to Destiny he’s prone to eccentric and emotional outbursts.

He’s an expert in all things Ancient, having solved the mystery of the ninth chevron well before the Tau’ri. Something he prides himself in.


Sim was born on the world Valentis, which was under Ba’al’s rule for quite some time. Growing up, Sim was a quiet child who preferred spending most of his time with his older sister, Orland Pris, whom he idolized. When he was 12, his sister was killed when a rival goa’uld attempted to take Valentis from Ba’al. He’s never fully recovered from the loss.

He eventually found that he was adept at learning Ancient and quickly mastered the language, which led to him becoming quite a scholar of Ancient lore and technology. A talent that eventually attracted the attention of Ba’al himself who made Sim his head researcher into Ancient technology. Eventually leading to Ba’al’s research into the mystery of the ninth chevron. However, Ba’al’s constant mistreatment of the people of Valentis, and Sim himself, drove Sim to betray Ba’al by hiding the fact that he had figured out how to dial the 9th chevron. When Ba’al eventually learned of this, Sim was forced to flee through the stargate onto Destiny, leaving Ba’al with an exploding planet to deal with.

Much like the Icarus refugees, Sim found Destiny in a state of disrepair. However his expertise helped repair much of the damage the ship had accrued. Though there was only so much he could do while locked out of the core systems. Sim grew more and more unhinged as he spent time alone on the ship, becoming obsessed with solving the ship’s mysteries. He eventually discovered the Ancient Neural Interface Chair and after much consideration decided to sit in it. The trauma he suffered from the massive amount of information broke him psychologically, but he was soon able to break Destiny’s master code and gained access to the core systems.

For a time, Sim continued to work on fixing Destiny while trying to decipher its secrets. However, when the life support system began to fail he found he couldn’t solve the problem on his own. He then decided to put himself into stasis to keep himself alive. Hoping that someone else, hopefully not Ba’al, would eventually arrive on Destiny.

Favourite Sayings

"She knows all." - A common thing he says. Most people don’t know if he’s talking about Destiny, the visions of his long dead sister who seems to haunt him still, or both.

"I got here first!" - Whenever someone says he can’t be some place he shouldn’t be.

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Image of Orland Sim
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