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Summary: Leader of DR-2

Madison Spencer

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Military Personnel




Leader of Destiny Recon Team 2 (DR-2)/Engineer


Second Lieutenant

Physical Appearance

Madison is a young woman with medium length dark hair and of average height. She has piercing blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Madison is a cheerful and driven young woman. She loves sports, kayaking, and first person shooters. She's also a gifted singer, though she prefers not to out of embarrassment.


Madison was born in Milwaukee and was an avid basket ball player in high school. She eventually joined the Air Force to help pay her way through college as an engineer. She was quickly transferred to the Stargate Program after impressing quite a few instructors with her prowess at solving problems and her intellect. Madison felt right at home at the SGC, becoming a valued member of SG-15 for three years until she was reassigned to the Icarus Project.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm an engineer, not a damn physicist!" - Whenever people expect her to explain complex scientific stuff.

"I miss chocolate..."

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Image of Madison Spencer
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