Sim opened his eyes and saw that he was in the ship's infirmary. There were dozens of people scrambling around, tending to wounded. Something was happening.

"Sim," he heard a familiar voice speak. He looked at the foot of the bed and saw Pris smiling at him. "They need you, Sim."

Sim sat up and slowly got out of bed. No one noticed he was awake, they were so focused on helping the wounded. He looked to the doorway and saw his sister motioning for him to follow.

"Come, brother," Pris said. "You must help them."

Sim stumbled out of the infirmary and down the corridor.

"Must kill Khum!"

"Orm! ORM!" Vosh shouted at the Jaffa as he tore through a group of marines with scary efficiency.

"Orm! Stop!" Beckett said as he stepped in front of him.

"Strike me down while you can, shol'va!" Orm saw and heard Khnum standing before him.

Kill... The wraith voice echoed in Orm's mind.

"DIE!" Orm hollered as he leaped at Beckett and clamped his hands around his throat. "False god!"

"Gaakkk!" Beckett clawed at Orm's hands and looked up to Vosh. "Zat.... himmmm!!"

Vosh aimed her zat at Orm. Her eyes glowed. "Jaffa! Kree!" Hagar hollered at him.

This seemed to get Orm's attention as he slowly looked up at Vosh. "Must... Kill... Khnum!!!"


"Zzzzzaaaaaaaaccchhhhttttt....ccchchchchhiiiimmmmm!!!" Beckett gurgled.

"I am sorry for this, my friend," Vosh said before firing her zat.

Both Orm and Beckett were enveloped in tendrils of blue energy. Orm collapsed on top of Beckett. Beckett continued to squirm and gasp.

"Get... him... off!!!" Beckett coughed.

Vosh and a marine lifted the heavy Jaffa off of Beckett and lowered him carefully onto the floor. Beckett laid on there and winced.

"Thanks," he wheezed, "I think... Please don't do that again."

Vosh looked over Orm, "He's out, I think he'll be fine."

"What the hell happened to him?" Beckett asked. "He looked like he was in a trance."

"I believe this may be Khnum's work..." Vosh said with a hint of distaste.

"How?" Beckett asked as he nursed his throat.

"He is lost to me," the wraith muttered.

Khnum glared at the wraith, "Useless creature!" He gestured to one of the Gritch slavers who proceeded to electrocute the wraith with a cattle prod. The wraith shouted and fell to its knees.

"My lord!" A Jaffa came to a halt in front of Khnum.

"Yes, captain?" Khnum said, regarding the Jaffa with little interest.

"We discovered this," the Jaffa captain presented him a kino. "We believe it to be some sort of spying device."

Khnum glanced at the kino and took it. He looked it over before looking into the lens. "No doubt you are watching this now, tau'ri scum."

"This is Colonel Lousia Miller, I am the commander of this ship." A voice spoke through the ship's intercom. "Leave through the stargate now, or I will be forced to vent your compartments to space."

Khnum grinned. "You may like to know that I have captured many of your crew. So attempting to vent the atmosphere from our sections will kill them."

"I'm aware of that," Miller said. "However, if you so much as harm a single member of my crew I will consider the lives of the rest of the hostages forfeit. Do you understand me?"

Khnum chuckled, "I seriously doubt you will sacrifice so many of your own. I know how the tau'ri value life. Don't make threats you cannot follow through on."

"Don't test me," Miller growled.

"Perhaps that's my intention?" Khnum glanced over to the Gritch slaver who was standing next to the shackled wraith and nodded to him.

The Gritch hissed and started to undo one of the wraith's bindings. The wraith bared its teeth at the Gritch as it threatened to shock the wraith with the cattle prod again. The Gritch led the wraith over to the hostages, who started to whimper as the wraith drew closer. Khnum turned the kino so Miller could see what was happening.

"Give control of the ship's systems to me now, or I will kill one of your people." Khnum said.

"I will not turn this ship over to you," Miller said, "You kill anyone, I will kill you. Leave through the stargate now, enough blood has been shed."

"Let's test your mettle, Colonel Miller." Khnum nodded to the Gritch slaver.

The Gritch stepped back and allowed the wraith to approach the hostages. They started to scream and shout. The wraith selected a soldier who kept getting between the wraith and the civilians and slammed his feeding hand down onto his chest. The soldier screamed as his life was literally drained from his body

"STOP!" Miller shouted. "STOP IT GODDAMMIT!!!!"

The sound of the soldier screaming and the wraith feeding was being broadcast through the ship's intercom. Everyone could hear as the soldier's screams slowly faded.

Beckett racked a round into his rifle and was about to march off down the corridor when Vosh stopped him. She shook her head at him. Beckett's face twisted with rage.

In the vents, Chex shook with anger as he watched the horror unfolding in the gate room.

When the screaming stopped, Khnum made sure to show Miller the aged corpse the wraith had left behind. Brody and Volker looked at one another before staring at Miller, waiting to see what she would do. The look on her face was ice cold. Khnum turned the kino back to him and waited for Miller's response.

Miller was dead silent.

Khnum grinned. "As I expected," he said. "Relinquish control of this ship to me, or I will kill another of your people in one hour." The feed from the kino went dead.

Volker and Brody continued to stare at Miller. Her expression didn't change.

"Brody, bring up the life support systems for all the occupied sections in the vicinity of the gate room..." Miller said coldly.

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