"Colonel?" Brody shot Miller a worried look.

"Bring up the life support systems for the occupied sections," Miller said, regarding him with a look that said "Don't make me ask again."

Brody nodded and pressed a few buttons and the holographic display changed once again. It showed the sections Khnum's forces currently occupied, and the status of the life support for those sections. Miller stared at the schematics. Everyone was silent.

"Would she do it?" Vosh asked.

Beckett didn't respond.

Vosh's face twisted in concern.

"Not even I know if it would be right to sacrifice the lives of the hostages," Hagar admitted.

"She's considering what would be acceptable losses," Beckett finally spoke up. "Even I thought about it. If the lives of those people would be worth getting rid of Khnum and his forces."

"She can't," Vosh said. "I don't think she could live with it."

"Live with the deaths of those hostages, or the entire crew?" Beckett said.

"You must hurry, brother." Pris said as Sim rounded the corner and reached an elevator. "They need you!"

Sim pressed a few buttons on a nearby pad and the elevator started to ascend. When it reached its destination Orm stepped out and saw his sister standing at the end of the corridor. She walked around the corner and disappeared. Sim followed her, reaching a large door at the end of the corridor. Pris was waiting for him.

"Do you remember?" Pris asked, gently caressing the door.

"I... I don't..." Sim started to breathe heavily as his mind crumbled around itself. "Pris..."

"Be still, brother. Let it come. It is there. Be calm." Her voice seemed to soothe him. His mind reorganized itself.

"Yes. I remember." Sim said as he went over to the key pad on the wall next to the door and started to press the keys in a specific order.

Miller continued to stare at the schematic. Brody and Volker continued to stare at Miller. She let out a heavy sigh and looked to them.

"We have an hour. An hour to save those hostages and wipe out ever last Jaffa, Gritch, and wraith. So boys... any ideas?"

Brody and Volker couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Chex and Gill waited for what they expected to be the inevitable flipping of the proverbial and literal switch. Yet it never came.

"She didn't do it." Gill said.

"Relieved, I am," Chex clicked. "Though plan, it disturbs."

"We need to contact Beckett and the others," Gill said. "We can't let this plan go to waste."

"You alright, big guy?" Beckett asked when he noticed Orm sitting up.

Orm groaned and rubbed his head, "I am..." Orm fell silent and shook his head.

"Don't kick yourself," Beckett pat the Jaffa on the shoulder reassuringly. "You didn't know what you were doing."

"If I fall prey to Khnum's influence ever again, Lieutenant Beckett," Orm looked at him with a serious look. "Kill me."

"I'd rather not do that," Beckett said.

"It is regardless what you desire. I trust you will honor my request." Orm stood up and looked to Vosh. "What of Khnum?"

"He's got hostages, and wraith. Dangerous creatures, they seem to have great influence on your symbiote," Vosh explained. "Miller is threatening to vent the whole section they're in to space."

"That is unwise." Orm said.

"You have a better plan?" Beckett asked.

"Beckett? Orm? Anyone?" Gill's voice interrupted them via the radio.

"I do." Orm said with what Beckett could swear was the closest thing to a smirk Orm could manage.

Beckett and the others had joined Miller, Brody, and Volker in the control interface room. Gill explained his plan to them over the radio.

"You wanna do what?" Brody frowned.

"Shut off the gravity," Gill explained over the radio. "Chex and I can get the hostages to safety."

"I can't ask you to do that, Gill," Miller said. "Either of you."

"You don't have to." Gill said.

"For my hive, I will die," Chex clicked.

"Not without backup," Beckett said.

"How do you propose getting over to their side? Volker asked.

Beckett pointed to a dark spot in the generally orange map of the occupied sections around the gate room. "There."

"What's he talking about?" Gill asked.

"That's a heavily damaged section of the ship. It's exposed to hard vacuum." Volker explained.

"We have a few EVA suits," Beckett said.

"Yeah," Brody scoffed, "A million year old space suits."

"They should be fine," Volker said. "They're capable of self-repair, from what I've been able to figure out about them. I'm... eighty percent sure they'll keep you protected."

"Better yet," Beckett grinned, "They've got boosters. Which means we can fly around like Iron Man!"

"So you want to fly over to the breach, behind enemy lines," Miller began to see the plan take shape. "And then we switch off the gravity. You, Vosh, and Orm provide cover for Chex and Gill as they get the hostages out of there. Then you mop them up."

"Sounds good to me," Vosh nodded.

"I too enjoy the acoustics of this plan," Orm said.

Beckett shook his head and stifled a chuckle.

"Sounds like a home run to me," Miller said.

Beckett stepped out of the suit application bay wearing the Ancient EVA suit. He flexed his shoulders and stretched his legs. It was a snug fit, but not as uncomfortable as he was expecting.

"How was it?" Brody asked.

"Kinda reminded me of that scene in Empire where you see Vader without his helmet." Beckett said. "But the whole process was surprisingly gentle."

Vosh stepped out of the bay next to Beckett's in a similar suit. She looked to Beckett and nodded in approval. "You look good."

"So do you," Beckett smirked.

Orm stepped out of the third bay. "I am ready as well."

"Where the heck are the helmets?" Brody asked.

"Oh," Volker smiled, "you'll like this."

"Like what? Oh!" Beckett exclaimed as the metallic chest piece folded open and a helmet unfolded around his head. He could hear the pieces locking into place with a fine hiss as it sealed around him. The visor of the helmet lit up with a faint blue light and a heads-up-display came up around his face. "Oh, that's fucking awesome!"

Helmets formed around Vosh and Orm's heads as well.

"Not unlike a goa'uld helmet," Orm said with a hint of nostalgia.

"I was thinking more Dead Space," Beckett said.

"Oh yeah! I see it now!" Volker started to geek out.

"Boys," Miller stopped them. "Focus. We have hostages to save."

"No time to lose, then," Beckett said.

Beckett, Vosh, and Orm stepped out of the airlock and onto the hull of the Destiny. Beckett looked up and stared at the vast star field before them. It was quite an amazing sight. There was a golden nebula nearby that gave everything a gold hew. Vosh awkwardly stepped out further onto the ship's hull, the grav boots snapping her feet to the hull with every step.

"So how do you disengage the boots?" Beckett asked.

He was answered by the sight of Orm taking off like a rocket. "Simply wish it, Beckett."

"The suits have a rudimentary telepathic interface," Volker explained. "It should just be a matter of thinking about it."

"Okay..." Beckett tried focusing on flying. He felt the grav boots snap off and he gently kicked off of the hull and started to float away. "Whoa! How do you fly?"

Orm stopped and turned around to look at Beckett as he flailed his arms. "It is as natural as walking. Simply behave as you wish."

"I've got it," Vosh said as she kicked off of the hull and started to jet towards the damaged section of the ship.

"Okay, hold on," Beckett was struggling with flying, which was rather irritating given he was a pretty good pilot. He decided that was how he'd approach this. Like an F-302. He imagined himself flying and suddenly he was getting the hang of it. "Alright. Okay. There we go! Holy shit, this is awesome!"

"Come, Beckett," Orm said, "We must get to the damaged section."

"Right," Beckett turned and started to drift behind Orm as they followed Vosh.

Part way there the silence was interrupted by the sound of an alarm that echoed inside all of their helmets. Beckett noted that a piece of his heads-up-display had turned red. He couldn't make sense of much of the Ancient gibberish, but he did recognize the numbers counting down.

"Oh shit," Brody cursed.

"Oh don't tell me," Beckett groaned.

"The ship's about to jump into FTL," Volker told them.

"Beckett! Get back inside, on the double!" Miller ordered.

"What happens if we don't make it?" Vosh asked.

"The ship jumps to FTL..." Brody paused, "And anything outside is obliterated by the tidal forces..."

"Alright, time to get the lead out," Beckett said. "Where are the after burners on this thing?" The jets increased in intensity as if answering his question. Beckett shot forwards. The others increased their speed as well.

"Thirty seconds!" Volker said.

"Where is it?" Vosh shouted.

"Directly ahead," Orm said. Their heads up display highlighted the large hole in the hull several meters ahead.

"Come on guys! Come on! We can make it!" Beckett said.

"Fifteen seconds!"

"Faster! Don't bother slowing down! Just get beneath the shield!" Beckett shouted.

Beckett, Orm, and Vosh careened towards the breach.

"That's it! We're jumping!" Volker said as he closed his eyes.

<I LOVED the plan you had Gill and Chex come up with! Sadly, Miller isn't really willing to kill so many people for an easy victory. Still, I wanted to salvage the plan, and introduce the new, and improved, Ancient EVA suits at the same time. However, now we can implement the plan with some added help.>

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