Beckett breathed heavily and started patting himself. "Are we dead? Did we make it?"

"Yes, we did," Orm said plainly.

"Thank the Ancients," Vosh breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"Woo!" Beckett threw his fist into the air. "Wild ride!"

"Beckett," Miller's voice came in over the radio, "this is Miller. Do you read?"

"We read you, Colonel," Beckett beamed, "All members of Destiny Recon 1 are accounted for." There was an audible cheer from Brody and Volker in the background.

"Good," Miller said, "You better head to the gate room, on the double. Gill has already shut off the gravity."

"Roger that, Beckett out." Beckett produced his rifle and marched towards the door.

Gill fired the grabber and managed to hook one of the soldiers, Riley if he remembered correctly. Riley let out a shriek as he was pulled up towards the ceiling in pitch darkness while Randkin roars surrounded everyone. When he reached the vent, Gill put a hand over his mouth.

"It's alright," Gill said, "We're here to rescue you. Just crawl through the vent until you reach the open hatch."

"Gill?" Riley said, his voice muffled.

"Did you hear me?"

Riley nodded.

"Good. Now get going."

Riley fumbled his way up into the vent while Gill spooled up the hook shot again and took aim on another hostage flailing about in the air like a fish out of water. Chex had reeled in another hostage and was guiding them to the vent as well.

As expected, one of the Jaffa began to panic and started to fire his staff weapon wildly around the room. Bolts of golden-orange energy briefly illuminated the gate room. When they struck the walls sparks flew in every direction. A couple of the alien mercenaries began to fire their weapons as well. A staff blast struck a Gritch, sending him spinning towards the ceiling.

"Faster, we must go." Chex warned. "Or the hostages they will hit!"

Gill agreed. He hoped Beckett and the others had made it. The could use the help.

Beckett rounded the corner and spotted two Meruk mercs trying to brace themselves against the ceiling. Beckett took aim and fired at them. The first toad man was sent spinning when he was hit. The other managed to avoid the shot meant for him and tried firing back. However it didn't expect Orm, who came around behind Beckett and unleashed a bolt from his staff weapon. The Meruk shrieked as the bolt cut through him.

"Come on! The gate room is up ahead!" Beckett said as he awkwardly marched down the corridor. The grav boots kept them on the floor, but they were slightly unwieldy. Orm and Vosh grouped up around the door to the gate room and prepared to breach.

The large door opened and a rush of air filled the room beyond. Sim stepped inside. The lights gradually came on, revealing the Destiny bridge.

Sim lovingly caressed the railing as he took in the sight. Pris was sitting in the captain's chair. She turned to him and smiled.

"You can help them." She said.

Sim made his way over to one of the consoles and pressed a button that caused it to come alive. He sat down and started to press more buttons.

The door at the far end of the gate room opened and Gill saw three people in what looked like armored space suits rush in and open fire on the enemies in the gate room. Gill couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

"Alive, our friends appear to be!" Chex exclaimed with a surprising about of glee.

"Gill! Chex! What's the status of the hostages?" Vosh asked over the radio.

"Loading last one into vent now," Chex replied.

"You are cleared to engage all hostiles," Miller announced when she heard that. "Weapons free!"

Beckett and the others started to pick off the aliens in the gate room. However, as Beckett scanned the room for targets there was something that he couldn't put his finger on. Something was wrong.

Orm was ruthless. Wiping out any and every floating creature in the gate room, jaffa, Gritch, and Meruk alike. It was like watching water weave through rock. Orm moved as if the space suit weren't even there. Sparks and blood slowly filled the gate room.

Yet Beckett felt something was amiss.

It seemed like Orm cleared the room in seconds. However, he continued to pace about the gate room, counting all the bodies that were currently floating lifelessly in the air. Even through the suit, it was clear he was seething with rage.

"KHNUM!" Orm roared.

Yet the goa'uld was nowhere to be found.

"Where did he go?" Vosh pondered. "Through the gate?"

"It was never on." Gill said.

"Then where is he???" Orm asked.

"Better question: where are the wraith?" Beckett asked.

As if to answer that question there was a blinding flash of red light. They all looked to one another. Nothing seemed amiss. Until Orm took a step and the others noticed the red glow underfoot.

"Oh no," Gill said with fear in his voice. He looked up at the open ventilation hatch and tried to put his hand through it. It was stopped by a web or red energy. "Oh... no..."

Orm, furious, charged at the nearby open door and ran straight into an invisible wall wall. "What manner of technology is this?"

"No... no... no..." Gill kept trying to pass his hand through the wall of energy, but it was no good.

"Gill?" Beckett looked up at the boy.

"We're dead..." Gill muttered under his breath.

"That is not...?" Chex cocked his head with a worried look.

"It is..." Gill angrily struck the wall, causing it to give off a bright flash of red light. The light rippled throughout the field that encompassed the entire gate room. When it finished rippling it was clear to see that the field had visibly shrunk. "It's a Randkin crusher web..."

Khnum appeared through the doorway behind the field. He sneered at them. Orm saw him and fired his staff weapon fruitlessly at him. The bolts were absorbed by the web, which only seemed to cause the entire thing to shrink faster.

"Orm," Khnum's eyes glowed. "I had hoped we would meet like this. Shol'va!"

"Release me, false god!" Orm spat. "So I may cut you out of that host and crush the life from your vile form!"

"I think not," Khnum smirked. The Gritch slavers tugged at the chains connected to the wraith not far behind him. The web shrank again. "I would so love to watch this device crush you and your new friends into oblivion. However... I have a ship to take..." Khnum turned and walked towards the locked door leading to the living quarters. One of the Gritch handed him a small, circular device, which he placed on the door's locking mechanism. There was a grinding noise as the door seemed to be fighting against the device. However it soon gave way and the door opened. Khnum looked to the wraith.

"These creatures appear to have a hunger for humans, and there are so few this far out into the universe. What good fortune there are several humans being held beyond this door." He motioned for the Gritch to release the wraith. The wraith shook off their shackles and roared. Khnum stepped aside and allowed the wraith to rush through the door and into the living quarters where all the civilians were currently being kept.

<Trapped in a slowly shrinking energy field, and the wraith are loose on board the ship! Dun dun duuuuunnnn!>

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